Some game store garbage

The post-it note on the outside saying "Stupidly rusted inside" is an understatement.

Some game store garbage
Disc only games were 1/2 off for TSN, and I managed to get Link's Crossbow Training and Viva Piñata

Recently I started watching DSKoopa over on Twitch– Cody streams almost daily from his game store, Pink Gorilla Games around 11:30p US Central. Typically he's streaming under the 'Just Chatting' banner while doing small tasks around the store; Cleaning the back room, fixing consoles, taking in new inventory, etc. Although sometimes there's some carnage, like this clip from the first stream I joined. Despite having a website, they don't sell online, except for some special occasions.

"Twitch Shopping Network", a parody of home shopping shows, is the main chance to grab items from the Seattle-based store. The camera will slowly move through the sections they are willing to sell from, and viewers and privately message checkout to try and snag it. It's a fun way to add some new games to your library. There won't be another one of these events until November, but I did manage to grab a few things!

He also has a more choatic sale called "Twitch Garbage Network" (TGN). In an attempt to get rid of things that won't normally sell in store, he'll dive into the pile of garbage to see who's interested. This junk is untested and is most likely trash, but for a little over the cost of shipping, it could be YOUR trash. It's madness as you're trying to get the streamer's attention about what you want through the chat. Items go out to whoever is noticed first.

Here's my haul and what seems to be wrong at first glance:

  • Three random Pokemon: At the front of Pink Gorilla is a gatchapon machine filled with Pokemon. I got Hitmontop, Chimchar, and Seismitoad.
  • Seel Pokemon Plush: Just needs some cleaning, but it has the tag and I's like to keep that attached.
  • Red Wii Nunchuck: Control stick seems like it was chewed. Should be an easy replacement.
  • White Xbox 360 Controller: Came with a note that says something about the trigger being squeezed.
  • Wii U Tablet Cradle: Seems fine?
  • Knock-off N64 Rumble Pak: Looks perfect, no corrosion in the battery terminals. (Not sure if I even have a game to test this with)
  • N64 Controller Pak: Just has a sticker that should be easy to remove. (Again, not sure if I have a game to test this with.)

But the biggest project here is a japanese copy of Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. The post-it note on the outside saying "Stupidly rusted inside" is an understatement. I've found some tricks for playing JP cartridges on a US N64, but this is going to take a lot of scrubbing.

Unfortunately, since I'm in the middle of moving, it's a bit hard to see what I can salvage out of this. Most of my consoles were the first thing packed. I did manage to pop open the Wii Nunchuck and try to replace the stick, without much success. Turns out it uses the wider dome style that the Gamecube uses, not the PS4 style sticks that I had lying around.

Hopefully this isn't the last you hear of this garbo, and I'll be able to tell you about all this neat stuff I got working for basically the cost of shipping.