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Art by Sara Goetter
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This is where I need to write some words about myself. Something I'm always terrible at, yet for some reason is the first thing I'm putting together proper on this website. Good jorb.

About this Blog:

I've never been much of a writer, and from time to time I try to change that. Back in college, I was in media-writing course where we had weekly posts to write/blog. Don't think I'll ever get to back on that level, but I'll try to make posts on what's been on my mind. I want this to be an old-school-back-to-basics blog. No search optimization shenanigans, not chasing the zeitgeist, and certainly no stock photos.

The tagline is "Video 🎥, Gaming 🎮, and Smart Home 🏡", (my Twitter bio for quite some time now) which is mostly what I'll end up covering here.